Events for February 25, 2024

Initiating 2024 Direct Access with Exemplary Companies: Texas Instruments Incorporated

Virtual Only

This event offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with a senior representative from Texas Instruments Inc., a leading company in the semiconductor sector. Attendees will gain insights into the company, enhancing their due diligence skills and knowledge, especially about Texas Instruments' commitment to long-term capital investments and stakeholder respect, essential for both basic industrial applications and high-growth technologies.

Communication, Leadership & Public Speaking: hosted by CFANY Toastmasters


Become the Speaker You Want to Be -- Don’t present timid forecasts to CIOs or shy away from telling clients the hard truth: Let CFANY Toastmasters inject confidence and structure into your verbal and written business communication. Participate in our fun and supportive group and gain the skills to make your investment recommendations the ones that get everyone talking!