Racial and Ethnic Identity

[gfchart id=”66017″]

African American / Black[gfchart id="66036"]
American Indian / Alaska Native[gfchart id="66037"]
Asian[gfchart id="66038"]
Hispanic / Latinx[gfchart id="66041"]
Middle Eastern / North African[gfchart id="66042"]
Multiracial (two or more races)[gfchart id="66043"]
Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander[gfchart id="66044"]
White[gfchart id="66045"]
Prefer Not to Identify[gfchart id="66046"]
Unlisted / Self-Identified (None of the Above)[gfchart id="66047"]

Gender Identity

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Male[gfchart id="66288"]
Female[gfchart id="66287"]
Prefer Not to Identify[gfchart id="66286"]
Prefer to Self-Describe[gfchart id="66284"]