Give Us Your Ideas & Help Us Provide Greater Value, More Meaningful Impact

CFA Society New York exists to bring consistent value to you while raising the standards of professionalism in the industry.  After 80 years, the key to our success remains you, our members.

You embody achievement and typify integrity while forging the future of the investment management industry.  So, as the industry assesses new challenges and opportunities—and we sharpen our focus—we invite your thoughts.  How can the society provide you greater value?  Tell us; how can we achieve more meaningful impact?

Three years ago, our Board of Directors streamlined our strategic plan to focus on (1) Content, (2) Community and (3) Technology.  We have excelled in each of these categories.

In May, CFA Institute announced CFA Society New York was selected from all CFA societies to receive three prestigious awards:

  1. Strategic Initiative: Delivering Member Value
  2. The Research Foundation Award for Content
  3. ThomasBrigandi was presented with the inaugural global Most Outstanding Young Leader Award.

Today, with a new and evolving website, heavily featuring livestreams and video recorded content, the discoveries gleaned in our community are available to members globally as a corollary of our continued investment in technology.

Still, as the industry presses forward, we recognize that we must stay focused to remain relevant.  We are not resting on our laurels.  The Board of Directors is now actively charting our course for the next three years with a revised strategic plan.

Add your voice to our planning.  Consider attending one of our upcoming events and share with us what you believe should come next.  Alternatively, email to provide your suggestions.

Below are a few of our recent and upcoming events and initiatives for your consideration:

This past June, the Value Investing Group hosted the largest society value conference in recent memory, with over 350 attending at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus.

In July, we hosted a Summer Social with over 500 registrations.  At the social, members enjoyed open networking after hearing from Bjorn Forfang, Diane Garnick, Jae Yoon and Phil Taylor.  Bjorn Forfang, CFA Institute’s Managing Director of Stakeholders, Advocacy and Communications, kicked off the evening with an update on joint initiatives.  Fellow member and CFA Institute Research Foundation Director Diane Garnick then spoke about keeping your motivation fresh throughout your career.  Former Board Director Jae Yoon, CFA, presented Tom Brigandi with a Milestone Award for his record-setting work as a volunteer.  Tom has organized 50 events for CFA Society New York. Our Board Chair,  Phil Taylor, CFA, closed with a brief update on new initiatives.

At the event, it was announced that CFA Society New York and Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts agreed to bring the Asset Owner Series to Asia.  This past week, we announced our plan to revamp our Jobs Board in order to provide more member-exclusive benefits.

In addition to countless additional upcoming opportunities, consider joining us on August 24th for our Mid-Year Job Market Outlook.  Coming this September, the Asset Owner Series resumes with the 2nd Annual Private Bank and PWM Chief Investment Officer Roundtable, the Third Annual Sovereign Wealth Funds Conference and the Third Annual National Pension Fund Conference.  All this will be followed on September 28th by our Global Agriculture Forum.

On October 3rd, at the Mandarin Oriental, we host our 80th Anniversary Dinner.  Be sure to register for this event soon, as extraordinary demand has caused events to sell out faster than ever and we anticipate registered attendees from around the world for what has become one of the Society’s preeminent events.  November 10th, the Sustainable Investing Group and the Performance and Risk Analytics Group will co-host an event at the New York Stock Exchange, titled, Brass Tacks: Performance Metrics & Benchmarking in ESG Investing.  On January 18th, alongside the Society of Quantitative Analysts (SQA), we present the Data Science in Finance: The Final Frontier?

If you are in New Jersey, keep an eye out for new programming in your area.  We are presently working with the Programming Committee to expand opportunities for engagement for those whom live or work in New Jersey.  We are also in discussion with CFA Society United Kingdom and other CFA Societies around the world to collaborate on continued global expansion of the Asset Owner Series.

As the largest CFA member society, we are in the unique position to work closely with CFA Institute, other CFA societies around the globe, and additional like-minded organizations to proliferate our impact while simultaneously providing you greater connectivity.  Your input will go a long way toward ensuring that we do not miss the mark.

So, as we build on our success and refine our strategic plan for the next three years, please let us know now what you would like to see next.  If you have ideas, or wish to volunteer for our efforts to serve members in New Jersey, send your suggestions to  Finally, if you wish to share your enthusiasm for our mission and the Society, consider auditioning for segments of our upcoming brand campaign.  To learn more about this opportunity to audition, please respond by end of business tomorrow—Wednesday, August 9th—via email to Mario Carias, our Managing Director of Members Services and Content at

We look forward to seeing you again soon.  Thank you for your membership, support and participation!


Daniel Dagen, CFA
Chief Executive Officer