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Initiating 2024 Direct Access with Exemplary Companies: Texas Instruments Incorporated

Virtual Only

This event offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with a senior representative from Texas Instruments Inc., a leading company in the semiconductor sector. Attendees will gain insights into the company, enhancing their due diligence skills and knowledge, especially about Texas Instruments' commitment to long-term capital investments and stakeholder respect, essential for both basic industrial applications and high-growth technologies.

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31st Annual ‘What’s New in U.S. Financial Reporting?’

Virtual Only

This program will cover significant updates to international accounting standards, including the IASB's Primary Financial Statements project, the framework for disclosure requirements in IFRS accounting standards, supplier financing arrangements, and provide a general update on the IASB's work program.

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The State of WealthTech: How Generative AI is Changing the Game

CFA Society New York 1540 Broadway, New York City, NY, United States

Demographic shifts and client expectations have signaled a need for change in Wealth Management for years. The combination of Generative AI and ongoing consolidation have brought the industry to a tipping point where quality advice can truly be delivered at scale.

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