Fall 2016 Quarterly Investment Job Market Outlook

November 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

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Fall 2016 Quarterly Investment Job Market Outlook live session engages with timely issues of common interview pitfalls, job hunting strategies, and how best to interact effectively with agency recruiters and HR personnel. Expert executive recruiters servicing the financial services firms will provide key information about industry-specific hiring trends and short-term expectations. Research analysts and portfolio managers at investment banks, hedge funds, issuance-side professionals, consultants, asset management firms, insurance companies and pension plan sponsors are encouraged to attend.


Keynote Speaker

Kate Burke, Head of Human Capital and Chief Talent Officer, AllianceBernstein


Alexis DuFresne, Managing Director, Front Office Search, Solomon Page Group


Lorraine Twomley, Head of Career Advisory and Recruitment, Societe Generale Americas

Drew Desky, Managing Partner, Rand Thompson Consultants

James Crowley, Corporate Vice President, New York Life

John Jaenisch, Founder, Corcoran Partners

Gideon King, former CEO, Loeb King Capital Management