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The Financial Reporting and Analysis Thought Leadership Group follows issues and events affecting financial reporting, corporate disclosure, and accounting standards. Its primary mission is to keep CFANY members informed about these issues. The group also comments on proposed new financial reporting standards (before Regulators and Standard Setters).

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Upcoming Financial Reporting & Analysis Group Events

Upcoming CFANY Events

Spotting Financial Shenanigans in Corporate Filings

Featured Past Event — April 19, 2021

Do those quarterly reports look just too good to be true? Sometimes, larger-than-life updates can seem like a great opportunity … until reality sets in.

Learn how to avoid giving companies the benefit of the doubt when assessing reported information. This seminar will cover a few key areas in which shrewd observers are likely to encounter inconsistencies: some general “breeding grounds” for troubled conditions, earnings manipulation, cash flow, key metrics, and acquisition-accounting details.

What Investors Needs to Know About Audits

Past Event — Feb. 23, 2021

An in-depth conversation that will familiarize investors with the audit process, highlighting relevant case studies and procedural changes in light of recent PCAOB and SEC actions. Audits are a critical part of ensuring the veracity of reported financial information, which investors depend on to develop and maintain a sound investment strategy.

Still Lower for Even Longer: What Will It’s Impact Be?

Featured Past Event — Nov. 20, 2020

Interest rates have been low since the Global Financial Crisis. With COVID-19, they are now even lower and seem unlikely to rise for years from current multi-century lows. How will this impact investors and fixed income markets? How are important fixed-income investors responding to this new paradigm?

Non-GAAP Financial Reporting

Past Event — Sep. 28, 2020

Today, more than 90% of S&P 500 companies use non-GAAP financial measures to supplement and explain their financial results. Metrics such as adjusted EPS, EBITDA and FFO are often the primary measures by which analysts and investors interpret corporate performance. Over the past two decades, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has kept a close eye on this important trend and issued guidance to ensure, for example, that non-GAAP metrics are not displayed more prominently than GAAP and that they are reconciled to the most closely associated GAAP measures. In the recent batch of earnings reports, companies are including additional disclosures to communicate the impact of the pandemic on their financial results, some of which may be incorporated into their non-GAAP financial measures. Our panel will revisit the issue of non-GAAP financial reporting, assessing how these disclosures have evolved in recent years, with a special look at pandemic-related disclosures, to offer insight and guidance on evaluating corporate performance in the current environment.

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