Mission Statement

The mission of the Graham Center is to pursue activities that encourage and promote integrity, professionalism, and social good in the security analysis and investment management fields for the ultimate benefit of society.


The Graham Center’s purpose is to cultivate thought leadership and conduct research and educational programming in the areas of security analysis and investment management, and to provide scholarships to students studying in the security analysis and investment management fields.  The Graham Center acknowledges that when a diversity of practitioners and thought is encouraged in an inclusive organizational environment, better investment outcomes are achieved for the ultimate benefit of society.  A diverse industry contributes positive impact to a diverse society. Therefore, the Graham Center incorporates Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in all its activities.

To learn how you or your company can support The Graham Center:

Contact: Arun Manansingh | Executive Director for CFA Society New York | thegrahamcenter@cfany.org