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Israel’s startup scene continues to be one of most lively in the world and to attract investor capital from the United States and other countries. This event will provide an outlook on the investment scene in Israel, with a focus on venture capital investments. What is the outlook for Israel’s overall economic landscape and how is it going to affect investment opportunities? Where are the flows of investments into Israel and how has the approach of U.S. investors changed over time? How has the startup scene evolved, what are the new trends and the industry sectors that are attracting capital and developing new ideas? What is the role of the government and the universities in supporting the startup scene and how has it evolved? What have been the most effective exit strategies and what is the role that has been played by public markets in business growth and value generation for investors?

This Event Will

-Provide an overview of the current economy and opportunities for investment in Israel from leading experts from Israel and the U.S
-Provide a more in-depth look at venture capital and private debt investments in Israel
-Discuss potential exit strategies and the role of public markets in business growth and value generation for investors
-Provide members and other conference attendees with an opportunity to network with leading professionals in the Israel-focused investment sphere
-Discuss how Israel’s society and economy evolved over time, and what the main inputs are, looking forward, for building a thriving economy