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J.P. Morgan Asset Management

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Member; Volunteer, CFA Institute Research Challenge

Adam Sucov has been a CFA Society New York member since 2004. His involvement with the CFA Society New York community began as a way to network with other charterholders and the society’s large set of diverse members. Society membership has also provided him with opportunities to learn about various trends in niched industries as well as options to give back to the community at-large and help shape the community of the future. Since becoming a member, Adam’s involvement has increased and he has spent several years volunteering as a mentor in the society-run local competition of the CFA Institute Research Challenge.

In their words:

I mentor a team of university students who participate in the annual CFA Research Challenge. I partner with a university faculty advisor who helps the students perform many of the calculations and analysis. I spend more time with the students preparing them for delivering their end presentation and practicing for the question and answer sessions.

Adam’s interest in finance was sparked in college. After graduating, he spent ten years working in a variety of analytical roles – from a corporate credit analyst, an investment banking analyst, to a surety bond underwriter. Although he found the work to be enjoyable and that it fostered various learning opportunities, his interest in performing financial analysis waned. Shortly afterwards, Adam turned his attention to working with investments.

In their words:

I realized that my true passion was working with investments and more specifically, helping people build investment portfolios that would enable regular people, like my parents, to secure a safe and comfortable standard of living before and into retirement. To make this happen I took a role as a sales professional who specialized in helping financial intermediaries find investment solutions for their clients.

Today, Adam is a Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Asset Management in which he oversees a sales team. His team works with financial intermediaries and advisors to help construct optimal and client-specific investment portfolios in efforts to meet their clients’ unique financial goals. Adam and his team work to identify the right asset classes and investment vehicles that align with – and are most appropriate for – their clients’ situations. Adam’s goal-driven work has proven to be satisfying, particularly helping regular people meet their financial objectives, whether it be saving for college, retirement or another financial goal.

Throughout his vibrant investment career, Adam has come across many memorable moments.

In their words:

One of the proudest moments in my professional career was when I was fired by a client. I was asked to approve a multi-million dollar extension of credit and I did not feel that the client had the means to honor that obligation. If I didn’t approve the credit, the client told me they’d take their entire account elsewhere. With my manager’s support, I did not sign off on the credit extension. The client fired us and pulled their account. Nineteen months later the client filed for Chapter 11 protection.

Adam has brought this same level of enthusiasm, drive, and integrity to CFA Society New York events and especially to the students that he has mentored as part of the CFA Institute Research Challenge. We thank Adam for his membership and dedicated engagement at CFA Society New York!