Career Development Thought Leadership Group

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The Career Development Thought Leadership Group develops programs to help members excel during all stages of their careers and adjust to changes in the financial industry. Through events such as investment professional employment outlook conferences, the Career Development group helps members meet fellow professionals and learn helpful tools for enhancing individual careers. Group programs explore the widely varied career choices within the financial services industry.
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Chair: Randall Thomas

Vice Chair: Liliana Kleyman, CFA

Immediate Past Chair: Evelyn Yeow, CFA

Board Appointed Liaison: Thomas Brigandi

Join the CFANY CAREER DEVELOPMENT THOUGHT LEADERSHIP GROUP on LinkedIn. NOTE: Group discussion forums are for the sole purpose of facilitating communication among members. Please do not use them to promote your own products, services, or business including publications, websites, and blogs. The views expressed by the members of the LinkedIn Groups do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of CFANY.

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