The 2nd National Pensions Conference will feature a high-level discussion on the implications of current market conditions and within this context, analyze trends in best practices in investment strategy, risk management and market engagement. In particular, we’ll explore, in detail, the trends towards sustainable investing and allocation to ESG factors at national pension funds, interest in alternatives and other diversification opportunities within the parameters of each organization’s investment mandates and the embedded opportunities & challenges to their long-term capital management philosophy.

While the diversity of these funds and their investment practices makes it hard to paint them in the same brushstrokes, National Pension have generally been yield-seeking, long-term investors which have allocated heavily private markets in the last decade. In that setting, the discussion will also focus on each institution’s long-term approach to asset allocation and trends in investment plans including key risks and headways, benchmarks focused on long-term value creation and evaluation of internal and external managers.