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The Sustainable and Value Investing Thought Leadership Groups of CFANY have joined forces to explore how investors are using the fundamental tools of data and valuation to drive superior investment returns. This day-long conference features leading edge practitioners to discuss the advantages and challenges of integrating sustainability factors into the foundation of all investing – valuation. Across markets and asset classes, sustainability factors offer insight into future returns to investors who know how to use them.

Key Take-Aways
-Sustainable investing strategies drive long-term value creation
-Data and analytics landscape is rugged, commercial vs. public data
-Governance practices at companies, asset managers, and asset owners are key to the normalization of sustainable investing

About this committee
This committee provides a forum to advance the dialogue around the role of sustainable investing (SI) in today’s markets. Programs focus on current SI issues, including those related to fiduciary responsibility and risk management. Members seek to identify the challenges and rewards of incorporating environmental, social, and governance factors in security analysis.