CFA Society New York: Historic Board Vote
Daniel Dagen, CFA, CEO | Philip J. Taylor, CFA, Chair CFA Society New York

Eighty years ago, the CFA Society New York (CFANY) began its legacy by establishing professional standards of practice that set us apart from our peers. Subsequently, we collaborated with four other societies to create the National Federation of Financial Analysts Societies, the genesis of CFA Institute. Through this collaboration, the CFA charter was created and continues to see rapid expansion, global recognition, and deeper connections into the investment community.

Today, with nearly 10,000 members, we are one of the largest CFA member societies in the world, and with Benjamin Graham amongst our founders, we are a renowned organization in the investment profession.

After listening to our members, and extensive analysis and discussion, on May 16, 2017 our Board of Directors voted to change our tradename to CFA Society New York. It is the right time to align our society more closely with the global network of 148 CFA societies that represent the member base of CFA Institute.

With our rich history, we are proud of what has been accomplished over the years and we will continue to build the society’s eminence in the financial profession. In partnership with CFA Institute, our society will gain a larger voice in the global CFA charterholder community and a stronger platform to share our members’ knowledge and experience as thought-leaders in the industry.

Our new brand has many benefits for our members, including:

  • Increased awareness and identification of our society with the prestige and respect that the CFA charter receives globally
  • Stronger relationships with our members and industry leaders who recognize the value of the CFA charter through our more impactful programs and outreach
  • A more aligned community with a shared vision for the future of the investment profession

To gather member feedback, we conducted a 30-day comment period for members to express their views, and over 70% of respondents have supported the name change.

We are excited about the future of our venerable and vibrant society as CFA Society New York and will continue the work that was started 80 years ago – to be a leading force supporting the standards of excellence and ethics we set for our profession.