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Compound Insights, by CFA Society New York, delivers in-depth conversations with the foremost experts and influential authorities who comprise the global financial investment world.

Guests will explore and discuss complex investment ideas and principles, meaningfully amplifying the insights shared at CFA Society New York conferences. Topics include ESG, global, fintech investing and more.

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Ep 42

A Unique View of Global Investing Risks

A conversation with Lauren Goodwin, CFA

A conversation with Lauren Goodwin, CFA, Economist, Director of Portfolio Strategy, New York Life Investments.


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Ep 41

Which AI Applications are Yielding the Best Value to Businesses?

A conversation with Anand Rao

A discussion with Anand Rao, Global AI Lead; US Innovation Lead, Emerging Technology Group / PwC US.

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Ep 40

What’s Next for the Investment Arms of Insurance Companies

A conversation with Amnon Levy

Hear from a very accomplished insurance specialist about how he sees regulatory and other trends that are impacting insurance company investments in the US and EU.

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Ep 39

How One Member’s Traditional Wealth Management Experience Puts Cryptocurrency Indices Into Perspective

A conversation with Jodie Gunzberg, CFA

What was it like to jump from an analytical and complex financial oversight position to a cryptocurrency index firm? Find out!

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Ep 38

The Keys to Financially Educating the Next Generation

A conversation with Gene Natali

Hear what we need to do to raise a financially astute next generation from someone who has lectured to hundreds of high schools and colleges.

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Ep 37

Emerging Strategies for Managing Insurance Company Assets

A conversation with Bill Poutsiaka

Several trends in insurance company asset management, including outsourcing and broad diversification, have some unintended impacts.

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Ep 36

How to Use ESG Data Prudently

A conversation with Bruce M. Kahn, Ph.D.

Where the problems in the creation and usage of ESG data are.

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Ep 35

How the Macroeconomic Changes Could Affect the Asset Manager M&A Market

A conversation with Bob Oros

Hightower’s CEO shares his views on the current and future of the asset manager M&A market

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Ep 34

The Data Science Job Market: Skills You Need Now and What’s to Come

A conversation with Dan Duggan, Ph.D.

How a Goldman Sachs data scientist sees the evolution of the sectors’ skills sets and data usage.

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Ep 33

What Deep Research Says About Global Booms, Busts and Credit Analysis

A conversation with Maryam Farboodi, Ph.D

How has big data impacted stock prices? Is it different across sectors and capitalization?

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Ep 32

Reading Emerging Markets’ Policies and Macro Impacts

A conversation with Jen Liang, CFA

How will LATAM sovereigns weather inflation? What’s next for the frontier markets? Hear the answers to these questions and more from a well-researched, analytical, perspective.

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