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Compound Insights, by CFA Society New York, delivers in-depth conversations with the foremost experts and influential authorities who comprise the global financial investment world.

Guests will explore and discuss complex investment ideas and principles, meaningfully amplifying the insights shared at CFA Society New York conferences. Topics include ESG, global, fintech investing and more.

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Ep 63

Why Values-Based Investing is Coming Soon

A conversation with Bob Dannhauser

As values based investing gains momentum, where is the data? What other quant issues remain?

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Ep 62

What One Value Investing Pro Thinks has Changed and what has not

A conversation with Hedda Nadler

Hedda Nadler shares views on how small firms can work in an increasingly large marketplace

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Ep 61

How Will MBS Handle the Macroeconomic Changes

A conversation with Erica Adelberg

Hear from an Erica Adelberg, CFA at Bloomberg about everything from spreads to the long term

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Ep 60

How Alt Data is Impacting Asset Allocation and Your Career

A conversation with Armando Gonzalez

Hear why ChatGPT is not fit for financial data and which skills you should gain to ensure your career in an alt data future

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Ep 59

Where Value Lies in Energy and Home Building

A conversation with Bob Robotti

Hear from a veteran value investor, Bob Robotti, about where value can be found and why a lot of the market pressures are easy to source

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Ep 58

What You can Learn from Corporate Voting Data

A conversation with Georgia Stewart

Hear what the founder of a fintech firm that makes voting easier sees in the data

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Ep 57

What a Massive Pile of Data Tells Us About US Equities and FX

A conversation with Marvin Loh

Hear from Marvin Loh of State Street Global who has his eyes on a lot of data

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Ep 56

What the Latest Market Data Says About Asset Allocation

A conversation with Anu Ganti
Hear from Anu Ganti of S&P Dow Jones Indices
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Ep 55

What Pro Basketball and Investment Management have in Common

A conversation with Genai Walker

Hear from Genai Walker who, after earning a masters, went on to play pro basketball for eight years, and now is with Morgan Stanley

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Ep 54

Surprising Insights from a Long Term Global Investment Pro

A conversation with Jarred Glansbeek

Hear from CIO of RisCura about his views of the emerging and frontier markets

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Ep 53

What’s Next for US Banks

A conversation with Gerard Cassidy

Hear how one experienced analyst thinks the US banks are likely to handle current pressures