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Compound Insights, by CFA Society New York, delivers in-depth conversations with the foremost experts and influential authorities who comprise the global financial investment world.

Guests will explore and discuss complex investment ideas and principles, meaningfully amplifying the insights shared at CFA Society New York conferences. Topics include ESG, global, fintech investing and more.

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Ep 93

Consolidation Trends: The Future of Cannabis Companies

A conversation with Jordan Youkilis

In this episode, we delve into the inevitable consolidation of cannabis companies, exploring the driving forces behind this trend and its implications for the industry’s future.

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Ep 92

An ESG Analyst’s Perspective: Insights on the Long-Term Outlook

A conversation with Anne Van Riel

Tune in to discover which data segments, standards, and numerical factors are making an exit.

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Ep 91

Navigating DEI in the Corporate Landscape: Strategies and Metrics for Portfolio Managers

A conversation with Emily DeMasi

Dive into the latest episode where we explore the dynamic landscape of DEI, delving into the future outlook for both company managers and portfolio managers. Gain valuable insights and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies.

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Ep 90

Insights from the Author of the MBA ESG Text Book “Responsible Investing: An Introduction to Environmental, Social, and Governance Investments”

A conversation with Matthew Sherwood, PhD

Hear from a prolific writer and fund manager about his view of the risk premia from ESG and what’s next.

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Ep 89

What’s Next for Direct Lending

A conversation with Aren LeeKong

Hear from a former asset owner, borrower and now lender at Carlyle.

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Ep 88

How Due Diligence is Being Complicated by Tech and Macro Factors

A conversation with Tim Paulin, CFA

Macro and tech are having an unprecedented impact on manager searches. Hear what Tim has to say about it.

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Ep 87

Why Real Estate is Key to Investing in Cannabis Companies

A conversation with Chris Reece, CFA

Hear from commercial real estate pro, who invests in debt and equity in the cannabis sector

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Ep 86

How are the Challenges to Commercial Real Estate Impacting Senior Housing

A conversation with James Scribner

James Scribner has invested in Senior Housing for longer than most. Hear where he’s finding value in the subsector.

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Ep 85

The Most Forward Looking Thoughts of 2023

Hear which session had the most interesting forward looking views of our events this year

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Ep 84

Where Insurance Company Assets Are Headed

A conversation with Pete Miller

Hear where one pro is seeing interest from his insurance clients

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Ep 83

What Pension Boards Need to Know About ESG

A conversation with Kerry King

What do you learn from working with some of the UK’s biggest pension managers? A lot.

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