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Compound Insights, by CFA Society New York, delivers in-depth conversations with the foremost experts and influential authorities who comprise the global financial investment world.

Guests will explore and discuss complex investment ideas and principles, meaningfully amplifying the insights shared at CFA Society New York conferences. Topics include ESG, global, fintech investing and more.

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Ep 31

The State of Diversity and Inclusion in the Quant Industry

A conversation with Ken D'Souza, CFA

Is the quant industry achieving more D&I goals than the rest of the industry? Why or why not?

Ep 30

How a Multitude of Regulatory Changes are Affecting China’s Policy Direction as it Relates to the Economy and Finance

A conversation with Lyric Hughes Hale

EconVue’s Lyric Hughes Hale joins the next episode of Compound Insights to share her views on current day China, including why data collection is of paramount importance to government officials, and how the country might move to relax its current “Covid-zero” policy restrictions.

Ep 29

A Novel Approach for Managing Inflation

A conversation with Darnell Azeez, CFA

Darnell Azeez has some novel thoughts on inflation and other risks facing investors. Hear from a very insightful portfolio manager at Lord Abbett.

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Ep 28

What Does Higher Inflation Mean for the Muni Market

A conversation with Patrick Luby

Inflation’s long-run impact on munis will vary by sector and issuer. Hear from one of the industry’s premier thinkers.

Ep 27

Lessons Learned from Years of Diverse Team Building

A conversation with Nanda Kamat

Nanda Kamat is one of financial service industry’s prominent few who pursued a diverse team-building strategy before it gained mainstream momentum. Listen as she joins CFA NY to share what that experience has taught her.

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Ep 26

Pragmatic Strategy for Currency Risk Management

A conversation with Galen Haws, CFA, CAIA

Hear how this OCIO has managed the risk of currency exposure and what he thinks about using currency in the search for yield.

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Ep 25

Crypto Accounting, and What Every Analyst Should Know

A conversation with Vivian Fang,

Hear what analysts and portfolio managers should look for, according to one of the most advanced thinkers on crypto accounting.

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Ep 24

The Risks and Opportunities in Africa’s Private Markets

A conversation with Emmanuel Esochagi and Saad Sheikh

Hear from two people with clear views into Africa’s private markets about how the COVID-19 pressures are making some sector’s private companies a better value while others are becoming more risky.

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Ep 23

Public Pension Pressures Mounting Amid COVID-19

A conversation with Olu Sonola, CFA, and Douglas Offerman

The risks of public pension pressures to state bond ratings is intensifying. Hear from Doug Offerman and Olu Sonola, CFA of Fitch Ratings about how the investments, structures and policies are all coming into play.

Ep 22

Why Slack in the Labor Market is Understated

A conversation with Stephanie Aaronson

The amazing jump in jobless claims and the unemployment rate may actually be rosier than reality. Our guest, Stephanie Aaronson (Brookings), shares what her research says.

Ep 21

Corporates on the Knife Edge

A conversation with Tod Trabocco, CFA

One seasoned pro’s view of sectors of the corporate lending market. What could save them and why some covenants matter more than others.