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13-Week Cash Flow Modeling – Wall Street Prep

May 10, 2022 | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Presented by Wall Street Prep, learn to Build a 13-Week Cash Flow Model

What You’ll Learn

  • Complete 13 Week Cash Flow (TWCF) TrainingThis course begins with an introduction to restructuring, and then follows with a step-by-step buildup of a TWCF model.
  • Real World Case StudyUsing a case study, the learners will build a model step-by-step while weaving the motivations of the various stakeholders to provide learners with context for.
  • Used at Top Financial InstitutionsThis is the same training program delivered to some of the world’s leading turnaround consulting & advisory firms, investment banks, and distressed debt funds

CFANY.org: $559
Standard Rate: $699


Please note: Each daily session goes from 9AM – 5PM EST


  • Introduction to financial restructuring
    • Bankruptcy overview
    • Imputing asset values and measuring insolvency from market pricing of debt and equity
    • The importance and limitation of valuation methodologies like DCF and Comps in restructuring
    • Out of court restructuring process
    • In court restructuring process

    Begin to Model the TWCF

    • Importance and Role of TWCF in restructuring
    • Modeling a Basic 13 Week Cash Flow
    • Modeling Receipts and Operating Disbursements
    • Building the Working Capital Rollforwards


  • Continue Modeling the TWCF
    • Modeling Non-Operating Disbursements
    • Modeling the Borrowing Base Revolver
    • Cash flow to EBITDA Reconciliation
    • Updating a TWCF for new weeks
    • Modeling Best Practices – Quarterly to Monthly, Monthly to Weekly
    • Sensitizing model assumptions and Impact on TWCF Output

Online | Pre-Seminar Excel training

This boot camp assumes proficiency in Excel. Enrollment includes access to our popular Excel Crash Course for those who need an Excel refresher.

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