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Centennial Speaker Series: Bob Pisani on Shut Up and Keep Talking: Lessons on Life and Investing from the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange

October 11, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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A co-sponsored event, presented by CFA Society New York, the Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis, and the Museum of American Finance.

Bob Pisani has spent the past 25 years working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He has been on the front line of finance for all the major events of the last quarter-century, including the Asian Financial Crisis, the dot-com bubble and collapse, 9/11, and the Great Financial Crisis. What was it like to witness these events firsthand, at the center of the financial world?

In Shut Up and Keep Talking, Pisani tells captivating stories that reveal what he has learned about life and investing. These include encounters with a host of stars, world leaders, and CEOs, including Fidel Castro, Robert Downey Jr., Walter Cronkite, Aretha Franklin, Barry Manilow, Jack Ma, Joey Ramone, and many more.

Pisani describes how the investment world has changed: brokers shouting on the floor of the NYSE; fully electronic trading; investment sages and superstars picking stocks for exorbitant fees; the phenomenal rise of low-cost index funds that are saving investors millions; the belief that investors make rational decisions; and the new age of behavioral finance, which recognizes the often-irrational nature of human decision-making and seeks to understand its role in the stock market. Pisani also considers what really moves stocks up and down and tackles the big questions: Why is stock-picking so hard? Why is the future so unknowable?

At this program, Bob will be interviewed by “WealthTrack” Executive Producer and Managing Editor Consuelo Mack.



James Kelly, Director, Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis


David Cowen, president and CEO, Museum of American Finance


Bob Pisani, Senior Markets Correspondent, CNBC

12:45  PM | AUDIENCE Q&A


David Cowen, president and CEO, Museum of American Finance

Co- Sponsored By

Museum of American Finance