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Distinguishing Hype from Reality: Alternative and Traditional Market Data

October 15, 2021 | 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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Build your understanding of fintech implementation solutions and develop a more grounded view of market data when you attend this comprehensive discussion exploring the differences between alternative and traditional market data. This 90-minute panel conversation will address a range of data-adjacent challenges that investors and business managers may face, including general use (and misuse) cases, new frontiers in the field, and how data interests can vary between liquid and illiquid alternative investing.

Panelists will discuss examples of how data is obtained, priced, and sold, explaining how business managers can more effectively lead searches and negotiations to add new data sources and vendors. Additionally, the conversation will touch on high-level challenges such as those involved in ensuring data is valuable and the processes by which data is incorporated into trading efforts.



Santosh Balachandar, CFA, Vice President, BlackRock



Jeremy Baksht, MBA, Founder, Antifragile Advisors


Sally Du, CFA, Director, Portfolio Manager, BlackRock

Dushyanth Sekhar, Head of Data Transformation, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Eugene Wu, CFA, Principal Data Scientist, Markerr

2:15 PM | Q&A


Christopher Flens-Batina, Business Intelligence Analyst,  Vonage, Co-Vice Chair of Business Management Group, CFA Society New York

Additional Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what can go wrong with bad data sets and understand how misuse of data can result in adverse portfolio outcomes.
  • Understand the search process involved in identifying new datasets, negotiating with and onboarding a new vendor.
  • Apply trading strategy development knowledge to ensure data investments are accretive.
  • Identify new areas of investor interest, as well as market data interests for illiquid alternative investors.