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Modeling Multifamily Real Estate – Wall Street Prep

October 18, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Presented by Wall Street Prep, learn about real world “on the job” multifamily real estate modeling

What You’ll Learn

Build a Multifamily Real Estate Model Step-By-Step

How do private equity and real estate professionals build financial models to analyze whether to invest in a multi-family property?

In this virtual “Power Session,” you will learn how a real multifamily model is constructed and used to generate key investment insights.

Excel Model Template Included

A comprehensive reusable multifamily real estate model template is included with this course.

CFANY.org: $319
Standard Rate: $399


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You will learn how to build an annual forecast model for a financial institution while being guided through the unique regulatory framework and business model of banks.


You will build perform valuation modeling on a financial institution, while navigating through the unique industry challenges of expensing of debt service and income, the regulatory constraints on reinvestment, and the calculation of levered vs. unlevered free cash flows. Alternative approaches to valuation will be discussed including Dividend Discount Models (DDM).


This boot camp assumes proficiency in Excel. Enrollment includes access to our popular Excel Crash Course for those who need an Excel refresher.

Additional Details

Who is this boot camp for?

  • Professionals and students pursuing careers in Real Estate Private Equity.
  • Real estate professionals looking to add financial modeling skills to their existing skill set.
  • Individual investors and anyone interested in the Real Estate industry.

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