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Fiduciary Gap: The Role of Proxy Voting and Shareholder Voting in Effective Client Relationships

April 5, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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Proxy voting has long been a vital tool in issuer corporate governance. Recently, it has also become an increasingly important tool for asset managers to maximize financial performance for their clients. This debate is all about the balance of the power in the boardroom – issuers, asset managers or their clients. Given the growing divergence in ESG opinions across political, economic, and geographic lines, how do we balance fiduciary duty by asset managers with social values from asset owners, and corporate responsibility from issuer companies? How do we bring both process transparency and expert care to asset management clients, who increasingly demand both performance and experience? How do we propel the World into collective actions of tackling global issues, while preserving investor protection in individual choices and fair disclosures? In other words, balancing the risk of green-washing and the risk of green-wishing? For this debate, we’ve brought together two prominent activist investors, from each side of the Atlantic, who have embarked on their own journey of upholding fiduciary duty and maximizing value creation for investors.



Allen Xiao, CFA, CPA, FCSI, Co-Chair, Performance ad Risk Analytics Group



Georgia Stewart, CEO, Tumelo


Giuseppe Bivona, Partner and Co-CIO, Bluebell Partners Ltd.

Vivek Ramaswamy, Co-founder and former Executive Chairman, Strive Asset Management


Steven J. Lerit, CFA, Co-Chair, Performance ad Risk Analytics Group

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Learning Outcomes

  • Fiduciary Duty Changes
  • Proxy Impacts