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Consultants: How the Decision Making Tools Asset Owners Use to Stay Ahead of Trends are Changing

June 3, 2021


A virtual Asset Owner Series™ event

How do a broad cross section of the world’s largest, most sophisticated asset owners address long-term systemic risks and investment opportunities such as those associated with climate change, technological disruption, or low long-term real interest rates? What organizational practices help create competitive advantage in investing to seize opportunities and mitigate risks associated with major trends that might otherwise threaten the ability of an asset owner to achieve their objectives?

Join CFA Society New York for a can’t-miss discussion in which Rich Nuzum, CFA, President of Mercer’s Investments & Retirement business, will be interviewed by Duncan Bonfield, Chief Executive, International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds, to discuss the investment practices leading asset owners use to address global systemic trends in a dynamic global market environment.

Rich will share findings from two years of research that Mercer and the World Economic Forum partnered on and reflections informed by interviews with more than 200 members of the investment community. Attendees will also hear Rich’s perspectives on how ESG, DE&I, innovation and the future of work are interacting to create investment risks and opportunities. This discussion is part of our award-winning Asset Owners Series.

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Antonio Rodriguez, CFA, Director of Investment Strategy, NYC Board of Education Retirement System



Duncan Bonfield, Chief Executive, International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds


Rich Nuzum, CFA, President, Investments & Retirement, Mercer


Additional Details

Areas of Focus

  • Discuss long-term investing trends
  • Explore asset allocation and portfolio construction
  • Understand the role of due diligence and data