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Global Policymakers Series (GPS): Third Quarter Summit 2021

September 29, 2021

Global Policymakers Series (GPS)

Third Quarter Summit 2021


Join CFA Society New York for our next half-day installment of the Global Policymakers Series (GPS). This Third Quarter Summit will address a variety of perspectives on infrastructure investment in the US, EU, and Gulf states. Panelists will discuss the function of, and potential opportunities presented by, newer Institutional Investor Public Partnerships that are gaining popularity in Canada, Australia, and some African nations; they will also share insight on the ongoing financial stresses that policymakers are facing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This virtual Summit will further develop attendees’ understanding of global policy and changes in regulatory standards through a lens devoid of any political or ideological noise.



Antonio Rodriguez, CFA, Director of Investment Strategy, NYC Board of Education Retirement System



Suzanne Bishopric, Managing Partner, Global Sovereign Advisors


Prof. Walter Kemmsies, Managing Partner, The Kemmsies Group

Peter Taylor, Co-Head of Infrastructure Group, and Co-Head Global Infrastructure Opportunity Fund, Carlyle



Additional Details

Areas of Focus

  • Understand the impact of global policies on infrastructure investment opportunities
  • Discover how global trade policies and partnerships shape international economies

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