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M&A in the Wealth Management Industry

January 27, 2022 | 6:30 PM - 7:35 PM

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Investment managers and allocators, as well as service provider partners, are invited to attend a timely panel discussion on the topic of M&A in Wealth Management led by top aggregators, firm owners, and private investors. This rapidly developing niche presents a variety of opportunities for both investors and owners of RIAs, as industry changes have begun to affect the custody space, the emergence and application of new technologies, and generational transitions within firms.

This informative panel discussion will focus on the factors leading to an ongoing pipeline of active transactions, featuring a range of representative voices. There are many steps required to successfully merge firms’ systems and cultures into something greater than the sum of its original parts; panelists will address these steps, while also offering perspective on the greater implications of continued consolidation within the broader financial space.



Tim Frazier, Business Consultant, Sequoia, Co- Vice Chair of the Business Management Group, CFA Society New York



Rajat Saxena, Associate Partner, IBM Consulting


Raj Bhattacharyya, Chief Executive Officer, Robertson Stephens

Peter Nesvold, JD, CFA, Partner, Republic Capital Group

Bob Oros, Chairman and Chief Executive Office, Hightower

7:20 PM | Q&A


Chris Flens-Batina, Business Intelligence Analyst, Vonage, Co-Vice Chair of the Business Management Group, CFA Society New York

Additional Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the current landscape of M&A in Wealth Management
  • Learn how valuations and other factors are driving deal activity
  •  Identify potential regulatory issues with continued industry consolidation