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Healthcare Communities in Healthcare Ecosystems

June 23, 2022 | 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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This Event will hone in on investments in healthcare real estate, such as seniors housing, medical office, life sciences, acute care facilities, hospitals, as well as outpatient healthcare facilities, located in Midwest markets in the United States, which is where a predominant concentration of healthcare ecosystems are located. As the US healthcare system represents more than 17% of U.S. GDP, this sector touches the lives of all Americans. Furthermore, as the COVID-19 pandemic has throttled certain real estate sectors, such as office and retail, other sectors, such as healthcare real estate, are demonstrating strong performance. Additionally, this Event will focus on healthcare practitioners who are leaving the medical field and are becoming emerging owner/operators in the real estate arena, which is a growing trend.




Pat Basu, M.D., MBA, President and CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America



Patrick Nessenthaler, CFA, CAIA, CRE, Vice Chair of the Alternative Investments Group, CFA Society New York


Tamir Aldad, MD, CEO, Mindful Care

Taggart (Tag) Birge, President and CEO, Cornerstone Companies, Inc.

Michael Freiburg, VP of Capital Markets, Montecito


Additional Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the largest healthcare ecosystems in the Midwest, are these primary ecosystems for healthcare real estate investment
  • Senior housing has taken a significant impact during the COVID-19. What is the future of this industry and how do other trends within sector impact its future?
  • As more healthcare practitioners are now becoming emerging real estate owner/operators, how does there hands-on experience in the medical field improve their performance in real estate?