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Emerging and Frontier Markets Series

African Capital Markets Conference

October 18, 2013

Check-in and Breakfast


Thomas Brigandi

Keynote Speaker

Tom Speechley, Senior Partner, The Abraaj Group

African Debt Capital Markets Panel

Samir Gadio, Emerging Markets Strategist, Standard Bank
Kristin Lindow, Regional Credit Officer, European and African Sovereigns, Moody’s Investors Service
Claire Husson-Citanna, Portfolio Manager & EMD Research Analyst, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group
Corey Modeste, Director, Greylock Capital Management


African Public Equity Panel
Ashley Bendell, African Capital Markets and Investment specialist
Jamieson Odell, Partner/Deputy Global Portfolio Manager, Caravel Management
Tim Drinkall, Frontier Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager, Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Gordon McLaughlin, CFA, Partner, Development Capital Partners

African Private Equity Panel

Maxine Barnett, CEO, Acorus Capital
Anthony Carroll, Vice President, Manchester Trade
Stephen B. Murray, Senior Investment Officer, Pan African Capital Group
David L. Ross, Managing Director, Statera Capital


Luncheon Address  – A Capital Markets View From East Africa

Jake Bright, Whitehead Fellow, Foreign Policy Association; Contributing Writer, Bloomberg Institute – Moderator
Ewart Salins, Regional Chief Executive Officer – East Africa, African Alliance Securities Limited – Featured Speaker

Conference Ends and Networking


By now, any serious global investor knows about the tremendous economic potential of the African continent and the significant strides many of its countries have made over the past decade.  The only questions for those without direct experience are the mechanics of investing and the balancing of unique risk and reward factors.  As the so-called “Last Frontier”, what distinguishes Africa from other developing markets?  Which investment vehicles are appropriate for early-stage growth countries?  What are the risk factors involved and how can one approach the task of quantifying them?

An expert panel of seasoned investment professionals will give the audience a true insider’s view from those who have been ahead of the curve in the burgeoning African investment field. Those interested in any genre of investment, be it fixed income, equity both private and public, or highly-structured vehicles such as project finance, will have an opportunity to hear from someone who has succeeded in delivering returns from these investments in the world’s second-largest continent.

This is a great opportunity for any globally-minded investment professional seeking a better understanding of one of the world’s most dynamic regions.

Conference objectives:

  • Give you a more in-depth look at the specific investment vehicles in Africa and the methods of analyzing and investing in them
  • Promote a more useful and detailed discourse than the standard Africa narrative
  • Address the global challenge of applying increasingly data-driven financial analysis techniques to markets with often unreliable statistical coverage
  • Provide members and other conference attendees with an opportunity to network with top professionals in the Africa-focused investment sphere


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