Diversity & Inclusion Forum, Virtual Events & Programming

Diversity & Inclusion in the Consultant Community

November 17, 2020 | 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

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For the second installment of CFA Society New York’s new Diversity & Inclusion Forum, we examine how the consultant community is effecting change across the investment industry. Sitting between asset owners and asset managers, consultants can play a unique role in influencing how one or the other undertakes D&I initiatives in both their investment and business practices. Hear from experts in the field discuss changes they have implemented in their search processes and what transformations they foresee as businesses continue to contemplate biased operations and cultures.



Alton Crooks, CFA, MBA, Managing Director, Fidelis Capital LLC



June Kim, Director of Global Equity, CalSTRS


Deborah Christie, CFA, MA, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates

Joanna Horowitz, CFA, Senior Consultant. Alternative Investments Advisory Group, Consulting’s Corporate Responsibility & Diversity, Monticello Consulting Group

Joey Mallon, Associate Director, Alpha Investment Research Group, Segal Marco Advisors

Stephen P. McCourt, CFA, Managing Principal, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Meketa Investment Group

7:15 PM | Q&A


Caroline Busby, CFA, US iShares Fixed income Institutional Sales member, BlackRock

Additional Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the state of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the financial industry
  • Provide insight on what firms are doing to effect change and share best practices
  •  Learn how current social movements are impacting today’s workforce – and where further change is needed