The election for the Board of Directors and the Nominations Committee will be held online between January 22, 2024 through February 17, 2024. To be eligible to vote, you must be a current member with paid membership as of January 10th.

Voting will begin on January 22! All CFA Society New York members who are eligible to vote will receive an email containing a link to their eballot and their unique user ID from Please follow the instructions in that email to vote.

The ballot this year will consist of a competitive election for the Board of Directors and Nominations Committee; the candidates who receive the highest number of votes will be elected. Approval of the slate for the 2024 Nominations Committee as well as the Society’s financial auditors, Condon, O’Meara, McGinty & Donnelly LLP will also be included. To get to know more about the candidates, please find their introduction videos and statements below.

The election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting of Members on February 29, 2024. If you have any questions or need a voting accommodation, please contact

Candidates for the 2024 Board of Directors

  1. Andrew Auslander, CFA
  2. Paul Benjamin, CFA
  3. Thomas Brigandi, CFA
  4. Alton Crooks, CFA
  5. Christos Koutsoyannis
  6. Antonio Rodriguez, CFA
  7. Marya Savola, CFA
  8. Leo Schmidt, CFA
  9. Mila Skulkina, CFA
  10. Raymond Updyke, CFA

Slate for the 2024 Nominations Committee

  1. Evan Cohen, CFA
  2. Chris Cutler, CFA
  3. Katie Kolchin, CFA
  4. Christopher Riley, CFA
  5. Joyce Zhang, CFA

2024 Candidates — Board of Directors

Andrew Auslander, CFA
Candidate Statement

Paul Benjamin, CFA
Candidate Statement

Thomas Brigandi, CFA
Candidate Statement

Alton Crooks, CFA
Candidate Statement

Christos Koutsoyannis
Candidate Statement

Antonio Rodriguez, CFA
Candidate Statement

Marya Savola, CFA
Candidate Statement

Leo Schmidt, CFA
Candidate Statement

Mila Skulkina, CFA
Candidate Statement

Raymond Updyke, CFA
Candidate Statement

2024 Candidates — Nominations Committee

Evan Cohen, CFA
Candidate Statement

Chris Cutler, CFA
Candidate Statement

Katie Kolchin, CFA
Candidate Statement

Christopher Riley, CFA
Candidate Statement

Joyce Zhang, CFA
Candidate Statement